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We can accomplish some of our personal finance goals for this year 2021. This year marks a milestone in our lifetime. Pandemic has become the byword. You can make this year work towards your favor by setting targets that can jumpstart for a financially healthy year onwards. These are short-term goals and some suggestions on how to achieve them.

Make a budget for cash purchases

Create and stick to a budget. Firstly, it is time to value how effective budgeting is. The budget is an important financial tool to plan out your expenses. Plot your monthly income and planned expenses. Then keep track of your expenses each day against the budget. In this way, it helps you control whether you are spending within the budget or not.

Pay off debts. Make it your goal to be debt-free in the long haul by gradually paying your current liabilities. You can start by managing your credit cards. Minimize, if not eliminate, those swiping habits in making purchases. Then resolve to pay your card’s balance to avoid paying the interest rate and other finance charges.

Strive to own a home. Homeownership is a major financial target. It is a long-term goal. For the short-term, save up for a sizeable down payment to get the ball rolling. Then, if you have saved enough, you can have a reasonable home loan and avoiding the cost of mortgage insurance. In this way, you are saving even more. 

Trim down spending. This year may be a good chance to cut down on some expense categories. It’s time to make some lifestyle checks. As work-from-home comes to the fore, you could limit your daily trips, hence saving on gas and fuel. Also, dining out can be cut down, a great way to save on restaurant bills and the like.

Create an emergency fund. Prepare for uncertainties. Have a savings fund that can support you in case something unexpected happens. Many people have lost their jobs during this pandemic, the emergency fund can offer you peace of mind. The fund can also support your hospitalization expenses, emergency house repairs, and the like.

Save for a family vacation. This pandemic year 2021 makes people travel hungry. Brought about by quarantine and travel restrictions, this would be a big opportunity to save for a much-deserved vacation for the whole family. Review your budget to look for ways to reduce spending. Also, encourage your kids to have their own savings goals.

Save for Retirement. Be ready for the future, that is, your retirement. This is the goal you should be working towards your entire life because retirement is a long-term investment. As a short-term goal, target how you get started. Consider revisiting your monthly budget and decide how much you can set aside for retirement savings.

To sum it all, goal-setting is the mindset. Practice self-discipline to achieve your goals in financial planning. Work hard and save conscientiously. Work towards those things you truly want. By this, you are managing your hard-earned money effectively and ensure the future not only for yourself but for your children.

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