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Have you ever wondered how millionaires build their passive income? We would think that during their younger years, they had earned a lot and had built a fortune of savings. Millionaires are enjoying several streams of income. This seems tiring at first thought, but it’s not. It is because most of these streams are passive income.

Let’s start to differentiate active income versus passive income. Active income is when you work and get paid for your work. Bluntly, this could mean, no work, no pay. Passive income is when you receive a payment that is not directly tied to hours worked. Sources of passive income start with active work at first, then the bulk of the income comes later.

Millionaires did it the smart way! They have charted a strategy on how to build passive income. The timelines may vary between individuals though. Some took to build for like 20 years, while others can build in less than 5 years. Whichever it takes, they basically make a roadmap. Let’s read on to learn how they make it.

Start from Active to Passive

If you are not one of those ‘rich kids’, that is, privileged to have inherited money from your parents, then you have to start from active income and move forward to your passive income journey. What does this mean?

You should save more money while you are still actively working. Learn to be frugal. Cut your expenses to the minimum, On top of this, think of ways on how to earn more money. Indulge in side hustles or businesses that can help you earn more income.

Cutting expenses is easy, but earning more is a long-term journey like building sources of passive income. Spend wisely in order to secure savings to build passive sources later. In the end, after those productive years you had, you were able to save more money than you would think. These strategies will help you get passive in time.

Ride on the Passive Income Stream

When you think you have reached a sizable amount of savings, then you could jumpstart for possible passive income streams. Think of two ways. Firstly, start a business that will offer money value that you could enjoy later. And secondly, you lend the money to someone else to build something of value and pays you for the money opportunity. 

Here are some sources of passive income, to name a few. Interest income from savings deposits, bonds, and notes. Dividend income from stocks. Capital gains from sales of investments. Rental income from real estate. Royalty income from book authorship. And income from businesses in which you have invested upon.

In summary, millionaires were able to accumulate wealth with these tips. (1) Spend time to earn more. Convert your active work into income. (2) Expenses should always be less than earnings. (3) Let your savings grow without actively working yourself on it.

Not all passive income streams are packaged to be the same for all millionaires. What might be of interest to one could be unattractive to others. Each has its own unique preferences, priorities, and field of expertise. There is a need to find the right balance of investments. So, be smart and wise to choose your battles!

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