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I wanted to expand on an excerpt I had realized from an article based on Gary V’s approach/strategy to creating content but doing it while on a budget.

Step 1 Build Long Form Content

Building long-form content can be 1 hour video piece, but let’s expand on long form content. That can be 1000-2000 word blog post or a 1 hour podcast.

Step 2 Hiring Freelancers to push content to other platforms

If we hire a video editor and have them edit videos, well we could hire other freelancers to edit other long form content. For example, you could hire a blogger/ghostwriter to write blog and chop to smaller except for other platforms such as medium/reddit. An Audio editor can take the content from podcast and create smaller snippets for IG/Twitter.

Step 3 Hire a freelance graphic designer to build graphics for other platforms

This can range from Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spofity, Anchor, Youtube, SnapChat, the list is endless on how you can attack different forms of media to get the message across.

Step 4 Attack, Attack, Attack

Keep hustling pushing and pushing out content because the content moves across multiple platforms which are read by multiple people. The more content getting pushed the more opportunities for it to get picked up.

Other things to note is you want to have a content library/archive. Having a content library/archive can be essential as you may record something and may not want to release it immediately or you may be in a rush and need to push out a piece of content for an event.

With not so expensive rates on Upwork and Fiverr this model can be replicated easily and pushed further it’s about hiring the talent and putting in the work and getting the content infront of the right people to build the audience to hear your message.

Share content you enjoy!

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